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Our exclusive Low Pressure House Washing safely removes mold, mildew, pollen and grime to keep your homes exterior fresh, clean and inviting. Get the longest lasting results with our cutting edge non toxic detergents that are safe for your home and landscaping. All of our power washing services are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Before and After Photos

House Washing Before
House Washing After
House Washing Before House Washing After

Common Home Exterior Problems

Green Mold & Algae - Usually found on the north side of homes, decking or concrete and anywhere that is shaded for periods of time during the day. Can cause or worsen allergy symptoms and respiratory problems. Fully removable.

Black Mold - Commonly grows on gutter faces, soffits, window trim and can spread via soffits/vents into the attic and other areas inside the home. The worst type of mold, can cause serious allergy symptoms and respiratory problems. Fully removable.

Gutter Streaking - Faint vertical lines caused by rain water running over your gutters edge. Minerals from the shingle substrate & acid rain bond to the surface of your gutter and become sealed in by oxidation. Fully removable.

Rust Stains - Most commonly result from a rusty chimney cap or improper fasteners that are not stainless or galvanized. The sooner a rust stain is taken care of the better the chance of removal. Prevention is the best treatment.

Artillery Fungus - Tiny black specs on your siding that can be felt with your fingernail. This type of fungus comes from contaminated mulch beds around the home and permanently adheres to your siding. We cannot remove artillery fungus.

House Washing Process

House Washing Before

Upon arriving at your home we will make a thorough inspection of the work area to make sure all windows are closed and sensitive items have been moved out of the way. All hoses will be neatly routed around landscaping, garden areas and obstacles. Any requested roof treatments and/or gutter cleaning services will be performed at this time before any power washing is begun.

House Cleaning Process

At this time all landscaping surrounding the work area will be wet down with water. We will then apply our exclusive detergent solution and mildew preventative treatment to your homes exterior including all siding, trim, window casings, gutter faces, soffits. One section is completed at a time. Detergent is allowed to dwell for several minutes to allow the mold to soften and ensure all growth has been eliminated.

House Washing After

While waiting for the detergent to dwell gutter faces, stubborn areas will be scrubbed with a brush to ensure flawless results. Each section is then thoroughly rinsed to remove dead mold and detergent leaving your home looking like new! All landscaping will be rinsed with fresh water again during this phase as a preventative measure.

After all services have been completed, a walk around is performed to make sure nothing has been missed. Your garden hose will be reconnected and the work area will be left neat and orderly. We will then mail/email you an invoice or payment can be made on-site if someone is home. For payment we accept personal check, credit card or cash.

Home Washing FAQs

Are the detergents you use safe for kids, pets and landscaping?

YES, our detergents are non toxic and safe for your family, pets and landscapes. All landscaping is rinsed down before, during and after the wash as an additional preventative step. We simply do not have issues with any landscaping. We do ask that you remove any small potted plants/flowers from the work area as they are more sensitive than permanent landscaping.

Do I need to be home while services are being performed?

NO, we don’t require anyone to be home at the time of service as long as all your windows/doors are closed and water is turned on for the season so we can connect to your outside faucet. After the service is complete we will invoice you for payment.

Do you use safe low pressure to clean my painted stucco or vinyl siding?

YES, our process also know as soft washing uses special detergents to soften, release and kill the mold on your siding, trim, screens, windows, composite decking/rails etc so that it can be washed off safely using low pressure. This technique virtually eliminates the chance of damage or water being blasted behind siding causing additional mold issues. This system also allows us to safely remove mold from painted stucco homes and trim without removing any paint.

Will the power washing affect my windows? Will it clean them?

Our detergents are formulated with special water softeners to prevent spotting of windows. Many customers tell us how clean their windows look after the wash is complete but our service is not a replacement for professional window cleaning/squeegee job. We recommend scheduling any window washing for after we have completed your power washing. We will be happy to refer you to local window cleaning companies our customers have worked with over the years with excellent results.

Will the power washing remove the black mold from my gutter faces and soffits? What are the vertical black lines on my gutter faces?

YES, when we wash your home we clean all gutter faces and soffits to remove black mold, speckled mold etc. Many times your gutters may have remaining faint vertical lines (“tiger striping”) which is caused by mineral deposits bonded to the gutter surface via electrostatic charge. We offer a special gutter whitening treatment to remove this striping for an additional charge.

How often do most people power wash their homes siding?

Depending on location and environmental conditions, most people wash their home every 2-3 years.

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